Performance management software 2021.

Performance management software 2021.

The best performance management software in 2021

Know what performance management software is and what problems it can solve for you

Performance management software analyzes the productivity of teams and employees. These platforms provide subsidies for HRs and managers to build the company’s organizational culture, based on a broad view of processes and objectives.

Performance Management and Assessment Software

Performance Appraisal Software: Products in this category automate the appraisal of employee performance and the setting of individual development goals and plans. One type of performance appraisal solution is 360-degree feedback software, which manages the process in which the employee performs a self-assessment and is evaluated by the manager, peers, and direct reports. Performance appraisal software is related to 360 degree feedback software, human resource system and workforce management software.

SoftExpert Performance

SoftExpert Performance is an enterprise software for managing performance indicators. The tool goes beyond the simple measurement of indicators, allowing you to manage business performance in a robust and intelligent way.

With SoftExpert Performance it is possible to control everything from process or departmental indicators to complete business strategy. Features such as the SWOT matrix, scorecards and interactive strategy maps allow companies to put strategy at the heart of corporate Performance management software . With an intuitive interface, scorecards can be built quickly and easily. The software helps define and implement strategies and monitor progress regularly. The solution also helps to avoid surprises. When the result of an indicator is below expectations, the system can trigger workflows or action plans, to guarantee the achievement of objectives. Thanks to its flexibility, the software can support various performance management methodologies, such as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) .

The wide integration capability is one of the features of the tool. Indicators can be automatically fed from external applications such as CRM or ERP, or from other SoftExpert Suite components. This prevents errors, makes data more reliable and allows for greater security in decision making.

SoftExpert Performance simplifies reporting across the enterprise. It allows you to transform portals into advanced presentations using charts, reports and strategy maps, ensuring that people clearly understand trends and the meaning of the numbers. The software is mobile compatible and presents real-time results in the palm of your hands.

The Cohros Online Performance Assessment module is not just software!

The Cohros Online GED Module is a performance management system  created to generate data and information –  people analytics  – to support all People Management decisions, programs and plans .

The People Analytics , or People Management based on data, is one of the major trends in the field of Human Resources . Having a system that provides adequate information base to support decision making, programs and development plans is the way to eliminate the typical subjectivity of HR practices. The Cohros Online – GED Module provides this feature.

The implementation of the system involves training leaders to make more objective assessments based on facts and performance indicators. Our system was created to facilitate the daily activities of managers, to help them extract the best results from their subordinates. Leaders recognize our system as an important tool in managing their teams.

The GED Module allows the connection of people’s performance to the company’s Performance management software , enhancing organizational results.

With the system’s logic and leadership training, the results of the performance evaluations can be used with ease by HR in situations of promotion, salary increases, bonuses, awards, dismissals, development programs, career and succession plans, etc.

Another important point is that the Human Resources teams are increasingly lean, and with an accumulation of work. With automation of process benchmarking and evaluation skills , we help (the) HR professionals become more productive (as), releasing them (as) from operating activities, so that they can devote to development plans and strategic People Management actions .

We have the latest technology resources, cloud based, to carry out the Performance management software and competence management processes , with various reports and information available online, as we operate in the SaaS mode. Our system works on desktop and mobile.

Deployment Process

Option 1

For companies that already have implemented models, the following actions will be taken according to the reality or demand of the customer.

Performance and Skills Management

  1. Definition or review of the functions, performances and competencies of the positions in the Organizational structure (if necessary);

two. Parameterization of the performance and competence management system;

  1. Training of those involved;
  2. Implementation of Performance management software and skills management routine and assessment processes (if necessary);

Option 2

For companies wishing to develop and implement Performance management software , skills, positions and salaries, consult SIGEP.

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