sales performance management software

Sales performance management software

sales management software

Freshsales  CRM is a fully integrated sales management software that allows you to:

Manage sales operations

Interact with potential customers in real time

Identify potential customers

predict recipes

Analyze team performance

Get useful insights (tangible actions)

free sales management software

What is sales management software?

What’s in the Fresh CRM Sales Management System?

CRM is cloud-based sales management software that can improve your sales process and increase productivity.

Here’s what you can do in Freshsales  CRM .

Manage contacts and leads

Get quick access to your contacts’ information. Freshsales  offers everything you need in just one desktop. It is also possible:

Automatically capture potential customer information that comes to you via email, live chat, and web forms;

Enrich potential customer and business profiles with information from social media;

Provide a complete schedule of the prospect’s engagement with your company;

Identify and prioritize potential customers most likely to become customers.

Promote relevant conversations

You can engage in contextual conversations with your customers and prospects without switching screens. it  comes with a built-in phone , two – way email sync and chat integration so you can:

Make calls from within the software, record and log calls automatically. It is also possible to manually record calls made outside the system;

Send and receive emails in Freshsale CRM as well as real-time alerts when your contacts open or click a link in your email;

Use our chat integration and quickly interact with your site visitors when they’re interested, reducing your bounce rate.

Visually manage your sales pipeline

Define and build your sales process with ease. The sale pipeline management software Freshsale  allows you to customize the stages of a business based on your sales process. You can also:

Create multiple sale channels for different teams;

Forecast your revenue at each stage of the sale pipeline;

Filter and sort deals based on deal value, probability of close, date of last activity, and more. You can also save these filters and access them at any time.

Automate the sales process

Save time and increase your productivity by automating repetitive sale tasks with Freshsale. Automating tasks keeps your data up to date and reduces manual input of information by sale reps who sometimes forget to update tasks. Using workflows in Freshsale, you can automatically:

Send emails;

Create invoices;

Update CRM fields;

Update the status of offers;

Assign prospects to the right sale representatives.

The sale management software is a centralized system that helps to implement sale techniques, managing sale operations to increase productivity and, in fact, increase sale.

Managing a sale team is no easy task. When looking for a proper sale management system that can help track KPIs, assign leads to sale teams, monitor the sale pipeline, and analyze deals that have been lost, you can end up using several separate tools, which will make your process unproductive to manage each of them, in addition to making access to information difficult.

You might come across several tools that perform the above activities. And, ultimately, the key aspect of having easy access to sale information is lost—and productivity falls apart.

Good CRM software must be cross-functional and capable of handling sale management challenges. While not all CRM software is useful for a sale leader, having a tool like Freshsale  for your company can clearly improve sale practices and performance, allowing employees to optimize their sale management skills.

What to look for in sale management software

If you’re looking for sale management software that syncs seamlessly with your business, consider all of the attributes listed below.

Unification of multiple tools on a single platform

The three most used channels are in one window: email, phone and chat.

Integrations with essential software such as billing, helpdesk, marketing automation etc.

Notes, calendar, tasks and appointments with your contacts.

All customer lifecycle records in one place

Complete information about your contacts in a single screen.

Recent conversations via phone, email, chat and contact information.

Status of offers and purchases linked to contacts.

Time savings and contribution to team productivity

Automation of recurring tasks such as sending emails, generating reports etc.

Reduced manual data entry.

Automatically assigning leads to the right sale representative.


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