What Are The Different Types Of LMS?

Just like an Apple computervs. a Windows computer, each LMS offers a analogous result but is erected else. Some providers offer an LMS that’s designed further for academia and advanced education, whereas others work better for compliance and safety training.

Since you formerly know what an LMS is, and how it can be used, let’s take a deeper look at the different types available. So, when you ’re probing LMSs, you can find a provider that works stylish for your company.

LMS Grounded On Distribution model# 1

Pall- Grounded

A pall- grounded LMS is a software operation grounded on the web and is generally made available to you by a third- party seller. Generally, merchandisers who offer this software maintain the systems as a point of you paying for the platform.

One benefit to going pall- grounded is that your guests (those being trained in the platform) can pierce the system without having to download software or install tackle. Also, platform directors and preceptors can report on scholars, and manage courses and classrooms, completely on the pall.

Pall- grounded LMSs are popular because utmost of the time they ’re maintained by the 3rd party seller, so you do n’t need to have an internal IT conservation platoon. Also, if you ’re outsourcing a pall- grounded platform also the structure is formerly erected, and you can just concentrate on uploading content and bulk enrolling your followership.

Tone-Hosted LMS

A Tone-Hosted LMS is a web operation that you install on your computer, host, and maintain on your own garçon. This does n’t inescapably mean you have to make the platform yourself – companies like Moodle vend an open- source platform.

When you tone host, you have control of all data and full access to the LMS’s backend, but since you ’re responsible for conservation you need to have an educated IT platoon.

For lower associations without dev brigades, tone-hosting a platform will generally take further time and bring further plutocrat than outsourcing to a pall- grounded result; there’s also no guarantee your platform will indeed work if you ’re erecting it from scrape.

Grounded on Distribution model# 2


Service as a software (SaaS) is a common business model that LMS providers like Academy Of Mine follow to vend a pall- grounded LMS to guests. A SaaS LMS provider could vend open- source software, but the focal point of SaaS is you ’re copping the software from a company, rather of erecting it yourself.

We ca n’t truly speak for other providers, but partnering with a SaaS LMS company like ours means that any bugs, larger customizations, and or regular platform conservation is taken care of for you!

Other benefits to using a SaaS LMS

Established software that’s been heavily tested and optimized.

Do n’t have to install anything on your hard drive or computer.

Conservation and specialized support handled.

Data sequestration issues are handled by professionals with a proven track record.

Important lower room for error and platform failure than tone-hosted LMS!

Open- source LMS

Open- source LMSs are installed on your computer, whether they ’ve been bought from a 3rd- party or erected internally. We recommend only considering this type of LMS if you have a devoted IT platoon who can install, customize, and maintain the platform as demanded.

Canvas, Moodle, and Schoology are each great exemplifications of open- source systems, and these LMSs are veritably popular among universities and institutions. Still, we do n’t recommend this type of literacy result to SMBs because of how expensive they can be to operate successfully.

Open- source LMSs can be hosted externally so you do n’t have to enjoy a garçon and host it yourself, but be careful – one of our guests Schoolteacher CEU Toolbox was preliminarily using an open- source LMS and also outsourcing the hosting and garçon conservation – they were spending a lot of plutocrat.

Grounded On Training Type Or Assiduity

Education LMS

There are hundreds of LMS providers on the request, but they ’re not all created equal. Every platform has its strengths and sins – some are better than others when it comes to academia and supporting advanced education.

Before, we mentioned Canvas and Moodle; these are education LMSs, and there are numerous further, these two are just extremely popular exemplifications.

Utmost education Learning Management Systems will have a core set of features like SCORM comity and the support of on- demand literacy and virtual live training. Third- party Integrations still may not be as supported in an education LMS as they would be in a commercial. The reason is, third- party software tools are n’t necessary for tutoring most university classes.

It’s worth mentioning that utmost academy class is created and listed in advance, so streamlining and making adaptations to courses after they ’re‘ live’might not be easy.

Do these platforms have numerous of the same features as an LMS designed for extended enterprise training and commercial L&D? Sure, but utmost of them aren’t optimized for SMBs and enterprises operating at a profit; they ’re designed for seminaries, universities, and other educational institutions.


Commercial LMS

Commercial LMSs are erected for businesses that train guests, mates, and workers.

These types of systems are perfect for

Compliance training

Extended Enterprise Training

Real Estate training

HR and onboarding

Training Insurance agents

Healthcare training

Safety training

Selling courses B2C

Continuing Education and further!

Commercial LMSs are nearly always white- labeled and allow you to produce white- labeled training doors for your guests. Also, businesses generally have larger budgets than seminaries, and further inflexibility when it comes to spending; this is reflected in the price of the LMS.

Systems designed to manage commercial literacy programs also support eCommerce – because numerous businesses will vend their training courses and programs to others.

Before deciding which type of LMS is right for you, work with your platoon to define what’s absolutely needed of the platform, and what literacy result your company is seeking from an LMS; learning operation systems aren’t one size fits each!

Who Can Profit From An LMS?


Is your company training internally, externally, or both? This is important, but what’s indeed more critical to know is how you ’re using the LMS, and what assiduity/ sector you’re training in. This is important because depending on what you ’re using the platform for, some LMSs may be better than others!


Healthcare professionals have to take continuing medical education courses (CME) on a regular base throughout their careers. CME helps people in the medical field maintain their capacities and learn new and evolving areas of their specialty. Delivering this type of training using an LMS is smart because it allows medical staff to learn new effects and maintain capability by taking tone- paced courses at home and nearly training using webinars.

Using the combination of tone- paced literacy and live online literacy to give your staff Continuing Education, training becomes much further cost-effective than traditional styles.

Real Estate

LMSs are the perfect result for simplifying real estate CE training and renewing real estate licenses. Alternately, they ’re also helpful if your business trains other RE associations and mates!

Every state has different compliance conditions and regulations for realtors and real estate professionals; having a important software tool to keep track of all the data from training is essential. LMSs can fluently integrate with third- party tools so that all your favorite business tools work together to deliver training faultlessly.



Insurance is a$1.28 trillion assiduity. Using white- labeled customer doors in your LMS, offer different types of insurance training to guests, using one platform. Also, customer doors are insulated and customizable training surroundings that are only accessible by members of a company who have access – so guests can manage their own agents and client’s training without being intruded.

Train insurance reps and third- party agencies in bulk worldwide, using a Learning Management System. Thanks to integrations, these platforms also help your company offer courses made up of both on- demand literacy and live training sessions easily. Meaning, your insurance company can host webinars and deliver training analogous to in-person forums at a much lower cost, and have all data stored in a singular system.

Compliance Training

In order to cleave to different compliance regulations while training using online courses, you need a flexible platform to deliver them. An LMS is largely customizable and can integrate with different tools your business requirements.

So, whether it’s sexual importunity or another critical type of compliance training like diversity training being enforced in your business; use an LMS to carry out the process professionally. Learning operation systems also automate a lot of reporting, so your company and/ or guests can efficiently keep track of who’s pukka and biddable.

Safety Training

Maintaining proper safety training is a great strategy for precluding serious physical accidents and losses on the job in diligence similar as construction, automotive, fire safety, and numerous further.

Private and public safety training institutes can use an LMS to offer safety training courses to companies, workers, and mates. Further, using a platform that supports eCommerce, you can vend courses and course packets collectively, or offer subscriptions to cult that bear continuing education and training.


Continually stimulating chops and learning new tactics are more important in deals than in any other assiduity because businesses need to induce profit to grow! For salesmen to maintain grandly close rates and stay on top of their leads, they need a system in place to train on the go effectively. The result is an LMS – using this tool, salesmen can maintain their core deals capabilities using a smartphone or computer outside of the office.

Getting a great salesman requires time and practice, but the generalities and knowledge necessary for dealing a product are simple. Deliver deals training using on- demand courses that brigades, guests, and mates can pierce ever with their smart device or computer24/7. Indeed more, host live deals training using apps like Zoom, GoToWebinar, and other popular web-conferencing apps, as demanded!

HR and Internal Training

HR is essential whether we ’re talking about an internal department or a Human Coffers company that trains other companies’ workers. Duly trained workers are more profitable than untrained or unskillful bones.

Some enterprises hire over 100 interns at a time – use an LMS to avoid having to manually onboard. Snappily enroll workers in bulk into programs containing onboarding word, executive paperwork, and any other necessary training class.

Circumscribe new workers or long- term bones in training from skipping ahead and penetrating unborn course material until precedences/ earlier conditioning are completed. Using course restrictions you can maximize learning retention and completion rates in your training and onboarding enterprise.


Numerous established companies like HubSpot or Salesforce would n’t live if it were n’t for the software as a service (SaaS) business model. There’s a high demand for slice- edge computer software and mobile apps, and this trend is only adding daily.

So how do you use an LMS to ameliorate your IT business?

Then’s one illustration IT companies can use an LMS to train implicit guests on how to use their software before indeed making a purchase. Numerous companies do this by offering a trial interpretation of their software for x quantum of days, and they include free automated support so that guests can get familiar with a product before committing. Some companies may also find it useful to offer courses to current guests, tutoring them how to use their software in more advanced ways.

Our customer RLDATIX uses AOM as a supplementary educational tool to educate healthcare associations how to give the stylish care to their cases.

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